Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who Makes the Rules

Dear Paolo, Maybe it's time to drop this, but I think we're both the kind of guys who need to have the last word, even when there is no last word. As for the difficulties of politicians and diplomats, I don't seem them having difficulties. They know who they're working for. When the billionaires say, no, we can't continue unemployment benefits, etc., etc., because that would cut down on our billions, people just seem to not their heads to some kind of higher wisdom. They want to "obey the rules," apparently, no matter how destructive those rules are to their well-being. To me, the USA is a nearly pure plutocracy, and, owning most of the money, they also own most of the media, without which it would be much harder to make people believe lies. I agree, there are good billionaires and pols out there, but they're exceptions. The rule is corruption.



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